About Us

Mako RIBs Mako RIBs is situated in Cape Town South Africa.

Mako RIBs have evolved from the field of design and manufacture of inflatable racing boats, where it lead the other manufacturers in design and innovation, and where it collected many highly acclaimed awards both on and off the water.  Mako has grown consistently over this period and has enjoyed an ongoing and enviable reputation for design, innovation, performance and quality.

Mako's achievements on the water would not have been possible without an on-going extensive programme of design, manufacturing and process management throughout our manufacturing plant.  The factory has expanded into other marine markets, using our extensive knowledge gained in 10 years of boat racing and 20 years in the business. Using our specialist in-house technical and design team, each craft is carefully researched and designed to produce exceptional on-the-water performance with hull design, tube geometry, shape, carrying capacity and operational characteristics all giving our range of craft outstanding handling, buoyancy, seaworthiness, stability and safety.

Mako's products are built using the best available materials imported from the world leaders in tube materials.

We manufacture our products in both high quality Hypalon, Polyurethane, PVC and closed cell foam collars, depending on our client's needs and requirements.

All of our materials are immensely strong, wear resistant, waterproof and completely immune to the hazards of sunlight, ozone fuel, oil, acids and contaminants. We also use only the highest quality resins, fibreglass and marine ply in the construction of our products.

For your complete assurance we offer a 5 year transferable fabric warranty on hypalon and a 3 year seam warranty on all our boat products.