Custom Craft

Custom RIBs and boats for military and commercial use in South Africa.MAKO has created an entire new line of professional-grade, Ultimate Adventure Boats for extreme recreational boaters as  there is a demand for an extreme boat, just like there was for an extreme SUV vehicle such as the HUMMER. 

The inherent safety and performance benefits of RIBs - a smoother and drier ride, handling characteristics / benefits, better buoyancy, lighter weight, fuel efficiency and so on, make the Mako RIBs a popular choice for recreational boating.

Mako RIBs are designed and built for professional users who require safe, comfortable and reliable operation in tough conditions. Some recreational boat users have discovered that the features that the professional operators use may allow them to use their boats comfortably and safely in more extreme conditions than possible with standard hard-boat recreational product. Many operators have discovered that larger RIBs will often be more suitable for the mission; however operational considerations may limit them to the smaller 5,0m, 6,0m & 7,0m RIB size.

The Mako RIB ranges have been used with single and twin outboard propulsion (max. 500hp total), waterjet propulsion (max. 450 hp) and outdrive propulsion (max. 315hp).