Military Craft

Mako RIBs Military Boats and Marine CraftMako Military RIBs and inflatable boats have been designed and developed to operate in the most difficult conditions and have proven to be the reliable and efficient under almost any sea conditions, for professional and military use. We work with our customers to design and build the craft to optimize marine craft solutions for their needs. The Mako RIB range has evolved to accommodate the changing mission needs of military, search & rescue (SAR) and law enforcement agencies. In many cases reduced budgets have meant that the versatile Mako RIB has been used to fulfil the missions previously undertaken by larger craft.

CUSTOM modifications and reinforcements are made to every craft supplied, to meet the requirements of the end user.

Due to military restrictions we cannot provide real pictures of our military boats. To give you an impression of the possibilities of these boats we have placed several 3D impressions. For further information on our military models please contact us.

Military RIBS are used by:

  • Special forces & waterborne military roles
  • Law enforcement
  • Coastguard
  • Oil platform safety & security companies
  • Marine Protection
  • Offshore Patrol
  • Search & Rescue services (fire & paramedic services)
  • Emergency evacuation programs
  • Drug enforcement & smuggling prevention
  • Logistic supplies to larger watercraft.