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Our focus is commercial workboats for transport, security, mining and farming, fisheries, tourism and research. Through our development efforts and holistic approach, this has proven and will allow us to offer our clients a turnkey solution, which can also include infrastructure consulting and financing arrangements to ensure sustainable projects for both user and suppliers. Vessel Offerings - New Development Ranges 4m to 12m - Custom Commercial Work Boats from 3.5m to 55m - Military Vessels from 6m to 30m - Harbour Vessels - Modular Work Boats for inland waterways 8m to 80m - Patrol Vessels 8m to 55m Ferries - 8m to 60m Commercial Fishing Vessels 11m to 26,5m - Crew and Transfer Vessels 8m 55m - Commercial RHIBs 4m to 12,5m

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