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Posted 11 May 2011 by Mako RIBS under Articles

RIB Characteristics

Rigid Hull Inflatable Boats are known as RHIBs in the United States, but in Europe and worldwide these craft are known as RIBs.

The main characteristic of a RIB is the combination of a multi-compartment inflatable buoyancy tube attached to an FRP, GRP, carbon composite or aluminium hull.

Professional RIBs

RIBs can be powered by up to 4 gasoline or petrol outboard engines. Single or twin inboard diesel engines can be combined with stern drive propeller or water-jet drive units.

Besides having many roles in the military and commercial sector RIBs make excellent personnel and load carriers. Top speeds can exceed 60 knots.

RIB Tubes & Collars

The RIB tube, also known as a collar, may be made of Hypalon, PVC or Polyethylene. This tube has multiple air chambers each fitted with separate fill and relief valves.

The inflatable collar makes the RIB extremely versatile by providing high stability, a softer ride at sea and the ability to fender off vessels without damage.